Station History

Early years ...

In 1929 Jack Allen obtained a licence to set up a “B” class radio station in Eketahuna. It was registered as 2ZE and was operated from the Express Office in Main Street. Later it moved to Allen's Radio House where Jack sold wireless and other electrical goods.

The station broadcasted on a frequency of 1210 kilocycles or 248 kilocycles below 3YA Chistchurch.  The first successful test was on 23 July 1929.   Listeners were encouraged to phone in or write to the station to report on the programme.

2YA did not broadcast on Wednesdays, so 2ZE filled the gap with a varied programme of music, the occasional local news such as hockey and football results. Advertisements were not permitted on a “B”class Station.

It ceased operating in December 1932 when better quality performance from the main stations meant less patronage. No income could be generated from advertisers so the operation was uneconomic.

Since 2000 ....

In March 2000 the Eketahuna Community Board were approached by the Tararua Radio Society to see if the Eketahuna community were interested in setting up a local radio station. A meeting of locals was held and they decided to give it a try.

On the 4th September 2000 using the original call sign of 2ZE, Radio Eketahuna began broadcasting again with a 1watt transmitter on 88.5FM out of Herberts Building 24/7.  In 2002 the station shift to the old bookshop (32 Main St) next door and began broadcasting with a new licence 100watts from the top of Mt Bowen (406mtrs) on 100FM.

In 2007 the licence was upgraded to 500watts with a limit of 60watts to the west and the frequency changed to 105.4FM. Unfortunatly with the limited funding available this power output was not able to be achieved.

However in 2012 the station was approached by a commercial network and asked if it was interested in changing the frequency to 106.5FM and as an incentive they would pay any costs involved and would supply a 500watt transmitter, this offer was accepted. The new frequency of 106.5FM has no restriction on directional output.

in 2014, the station became fully automated which made things happen like magic.

In 2015, the station moved to a new location - broadcasting from the Memorial Hall. New broadcast equipment was installed. The  station is on the internet and still broadcasting 24/7 playing an easy listening mix of music on 106.5FM and 88.3FM.

On Feb 26 2017, the Radio Society Committee decided to recess.  The station maintained an automated programme however live programmes ceased  on 5 March 2017, with the possibility of complete shutdown...

In April 2017, a new Radio Society Committee was established.  The station, once again, has risen like a phoenix.