Want to reach your clients in Eketahuna and wider areas?   

Your first choice should be advertising with Radio Eketahuna, because it's easy and very competitive.   We broadcast from Main Street, Eketahuna on 106.5FM and 88.3FM, as well as streaming online 24/7/365.   Our frequencies can be heard in the Eketahuna, and in most of the Wairarapa and Tararua regions, but our special focus is Eketahuna.


Why does Radio Eketahuna need advertising?

Radio Eketahuna is a not-for-profit organisation.  It needs advertising to pay the day-to-day bills of running a radio station such as electricity, rent, licensing fees etc.  The station is managed and manned by volunteers.

How many listeners does Radio Eketahuna have?

Although we are not exactly sure of our listener-ship numbers, we believe we have wide support from the community.  If fact, no radio station in the Wairarapa and Tararua region can tell you how many listeners they have, because no surveys are conducted in these areas.  However, we believe we are getting more and more listeners because of our involvement with broadcasting Saturday Rugby games.

Do I supply my own commercial or can Radio Eketahuna make it?

Both. The most simplest way for you to get a commercial on-air is if you can send one to us.  You may already have a commercial made by another radio station; we can play them.  Otherwise we can make a commercial for you; Live Copy for one off spots, or fully produced commercials for long term advertising.  We are happy to discuss options with you.

How much does it cost to advertise on Radio Eketahuna?

The Advertising Rates are as follows:

 Type     Frequency Rate
 Long Term
Fully produce comercial 
Your commercial will be played 4 times  per day for a whole year#. $600 per year*  
 Short Term
 Fully produce com
ercial or live copy 
 Your commercial will be read or played at least  4 times per day for a week#. please contact us for price

# except non-advertising days, eg: Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Christmas Day.
* rates are subject to change from time to time

Who do I contact to book advertising spots?

You can contact the station manager on 021 05 25 306 (txt only) or email